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Flight# Airline Origin Time Status
4465 Delta Connection ATL
11:54am Late
854 Allegiant Air PIE
St. Petersburg
3:46pm Arrived
4731 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
6:02pm Cancelled
126 Allegiant Air AZA
6:13pm Late
4609 Delta Connection ATL
7:46pm Late
4754 Delta Connection DTW
8:46pm On Time
4308 United Express EWR
9:12pm Cancelled
4443 Delta Connection ATL
9:25pm Late
Flight# Airline Destination Time Status
855 Allegiant Air PIE
St. Petersburg
4:36pm Delayed
4698 Delta Connection DTW
5:47pm Cancelled
4860 Delta Connection CIU
Chippewa County International Airport
6:10pm On Time
6030 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
6:32pm Cancelled
127 Allegiant Air AZA
7:03pm On Time
4827 Delta Connection ATL
6:25am On Time
4292 United Express EWR
6:27am Cancelled
4756 Delta Connection DTW
6:40am On Time


Thanks AgainSBN Parking/Dining/Shopping = Airline Reward Miles

SBN, Republic Parking, and AirHost (dining/shopping) have partnered with "Thanks Again" to offer SBN customers a more rewarding way to travel. Now you can earn rewards whenever you park, dine or shop at SBN. Sign up today!

Why park, dine and shop at SBN?

SBN is has always been the most convenient way to travel into and out of the Michiana area, and now, we want to reward our passengers for parking, dining and shopping at SBN too.

  • Earn miles on your preferred airline for each dollar you spend parking at SBN Airport.
  • Once added to the Airline Milage program of your choice, miles can be used for award tickets or flight upgrades.

How do I enroll in "Thanks Again?"

Enrolling in the "Thanks Again" program is simple, secure, FREE and takes about 3 minutes to complete.

  • Visit www.ThanksAgain.com/SBN and follow the simple sign-up prompts.
  • Register any credit/debit card from your wallet and link it to your favorite frequent flyer program.
  • Turn your own cards into rewards card at 100's of other Thanks Again locations across the US.


Choose from any of the participating SBN Airlines:


UA logomko

Delta Skymilesdas


Questions about the program? Be sure to visit the Thanks Again FAQ page.