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Flight# Airline Origin Time Status
118 SY IFP
Laughlin Bullhead Intl
11:47pm Late
3836 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
9:37am On Time
4646 Delta Connection ATL
11:48am On Time
5898 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
12:17pm On Time
4501 Delta Connection DTW
1:05pm On Time
5985 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
3:24pm On Time
4802 Delta Connection MSP
3:33pm On Time
4846 Delta Connection DTW
4:21pm On Time
Flight# Airline Destination Time Status
118 SY MSP
12:30am On Time
5723 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
6:21am On Time
4559 Delta Connection ATL
7:05am On Time
4697 Delta Connection MSP
7:55am On Time
4653 Delta Connection DTW
10:15am On Time
3836 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
10:17am On Time
4819 Delta Connection MSP
12:15pm On Time
4695 Delta Connection ATL
12:20pm On Time

Economic Impact

As an employer, a center of commerce and a key component of the Michiana’s thriving tourist industry, South Bend Airport has a $1.7 billion impact on the area’s economy.


Check out the information compiled by The Aviation Association of Indiana to see how SBN plays a positive financial role in making Michiana a better place for businesses, residents and travelers.