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Flight# Airline Origin Time Status
4744 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
5:02pm Late
4690 Delta Connection ATL
5:16pm Arrived
4754 Delta Connection DTW
6:24pm Delayed
4889 Delta Connection ATL
7:31pm On Time
4858 Delta Connection DTW
8:35pm On Time
4308 United Express EWR
9:18pm On Time
4837 Delta Connection ATL
9:35pm On Time
4547 Delta Connection MSP
9:47pm On Time
Flight# Airline Destination Time Status
4707 Delta Connection ATL
5:00pm On Time
6166 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
5:32pm Delayed
4799 Delta Connection DTW
5:43pm On Time
6144 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
5:30am On Time
4292 United Express EWR
6:15am On Time
4828 Delta Connection ATL
6:25am On Time
4480 Delta Connection DTW
6:50am On Time
4693 Delta Connection MSP
7:25am On Time

Parking and Pricing

SBN offers affordable parking in convenient, accessible parking lots located just minutes away from the terminal.


Short-Term (Closest-$$$) Approximate Walking Distance: 1 Minute

First 30 minutes   

31 - 60 minutes $2.00
Each additional hour $2.00
24-hour maximum rate $13.00



Long-Term (Closer-$$) Approximate Walking Distance: 2 Minutes

First hour

Each additional hour $1.00
24-hour maximum rate $9.00



Economy (Furthest-$) Approximate Walking Distance: 3-4 Minutes

First hour

Each additional hour $1.00
24-hour maximum rate $8.00
Weekly maximum rate $40.00

i.e., 7 Days: $40; 8 Days: $40 + $8 = $48



18-Hour Lot Approximate Walking Distance: 3-4 Minutes

5 a.m. to arrival of last daily train
18-hour maximum stay
(No overnight parking allowed.)

$ 1.00 / 18 hr.



Cell Phone Parking Lot Approximate Walking Distance: 3-4 Minutes

(within the 18-Hour Lot)



Valet Parking Service (Curbside-$$$)

Premium Service -- same price as Short-Term on a daily basis.


Simply follow the signs at the airport front drive. Then give the attendant your flight information and car keys. When you return, your car will be waiting at the curb (we even clean the snow off).


(Valet parking is $5 for up to one hour and $13 for 1-24 hours.)


Republic Parking System


Valet Parking
574-288-4912 or 800-681-8885


Convenient Payment Options

Insert your American Express, VISA or MasterCard in the reader upon entering the lot. Use the same credit card at the automated exit. Your fee will be automatically calculated, your account charged, and a receipt issued.

Take a ticket at the entry and pay at the parking pay station in the terminal (credit card or cash). Receive an exit pass and use the automated exit lane at the plaza.

Drive to the exit booth and present your ticket to the cashier. Cash or credit cards accepted.


Parking Lot Map


Lot Diagram