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Flight# Airline Origin Time Status
4529 Delta Connection DTW
11:43am On Time
4465 Delta Connection ATL
11:54am On Time
6030 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
12:06pm On Time
4350 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
3:03pm On Time
854 Allegiant Air PIE
St. Petersburg
3:47pm On Time
4559 Delta Connection DTW
4:34pm On Time
6079 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
4:56pm On Time
4507 Delta Connection ATL
5:22pm On Time
Flight# Airline Destination Time Status
4724 Delta Connection DTW
12:10pm On Time
4732 Delta Connection ATL
12:20pm On Time
3965 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
12:36pm On Time
3957 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
3:33pm On Time
855 Allegiant Air PIE
St. Petersburg
4:37pm On Time
4730 Delta Connection ATL
5:00pm On Time
4350 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
5:26pm On Time
4698 Delta Connection DTW
5:47pm On Time



Wednesday, September 28, 2011


SOUTH BEND, Ind — Wednesday, September 28, 2011, South Bend, IN: The St. Joseph County Airport Authority is thrilled to announce that the South Bend Airport (SBN) has been awarded a grant in the amount of $750,000 under the US Department of Transportation Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP). The airport was among 29 airports across the nation to receive grants awarded through the $15 Million, 2011 program.

The Airport’s proposal was positioned to acquire funding to be used to attract and support low-cost service to a west-bound hub, specifically Denver, CO (DEN). The demonstrated need for enhanced west-bound service, hub-connectivity, and lower air fares, paired with significant community commitment and support helped to make SBN’s case for a 2011 grant award. The proposal also lists alternative destinations that can be looked at after an in-depth study on the DEN-SBN route is conducted.

Under the guidelines provided in the grant program, the grant monies may be used to reduce an airline's financial risk of entering a new market and for marketing support for that new service. The Airport will focus the award money on recruitment efforts with Frontier Airlines to their Denver, CO hub. The airline supported SBN’s 2011 SCASDP proposal with a letter of interest, which contributed significantly to the award process. The proposal for the $750,000 grant called for a community match of award totaling $350,000 from the airport, regional economic development agencies, public/private partnerships, and state and local governments. In-kind contributions from the airport and local media outlets were also factored into the award process.

Elizabeth Cecconi, Director of Marketing/Development (SBN), notes that, "The South Bend Airport is delighted to have been selected for this grant through the Small Community Air Service Development Program. The support received from regional economic development agencies, public/private partnerships, and state and local government played a vital role in our proposal. This support, as well as that of the Michiana community will be an integral component as we work to recruit a new air carrier to support west-bound service.”

The Airport has met with Frontier Airlines on several occasions over the past two years and this grant award will allow the airport to expand upon initial discussions and further work to make west-bound, hub connectivity and low-fares a reality. The letter of interest submitted by the airline does not indicate a pledge to begin service from South Bend, but it does signify that the airline will take the grant into consideration when conducting further route feasibility studies on the Denver-South Bend market.

“Recruiting a new air carrier to the region is a multi-step process; the award of this grant will help SBN when working to attract additional service to the Michiana region. We will use this award to continue to work with the airline and to present SBN’s case for Denver service while showcasing the Michiana region as a viable new market for the airline,” continues Cecconi. “The Airport Authority is appreciative of the support shown from the community through letters of support and of the local, state and federal leaders who helped to make our proposal successful. The Authority would like to thank all supporters of the application process including the state and local government and public/private partnerships which have expressed financial contributions through the grant application.”


About the South Bend Airport

South Bend Airport’s three air carriers provide nonstop flights to nine cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Fort Myers/Punta Gorda, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando/Sanford, Phoenix/Mesa, and Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg with connections world-wide. South Bend Airport’s multi-modal terminal serves over one million air, rail and bus passengers each year. According to the 2012 Economic Impact Report from the Aviation Authority of Indiana, the South Bend Airport's total annual economic impact on South Bend and surrounding communities was in excess of $1.7 billion.

For additional information, please refer to www.flySBN.com or get social with SBN on Facebook (www.facebook.com/FlySBN) and Twitter (@SBNairport) and stay informed about the airport and the carriers that serve the Michiana region.