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Flight# Airline Origin Time Status
4540 Delta Connection ATL
9:35pm On Time
4482 Delta Connection MSP
9:36pm Arrived
3742 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
10:49pm On Time
6171 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
9:30am On Time
4040 Delta Connection DTW
9:54am On Time
5194 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
11:29am On Time
4583 Delta Connection ATL
11:54am On Time
4484 Delta Connection DTW
1:13pm On Time
Flight# Airline Destination Time Status
3803 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
6:14am On Time
4547 Delta Connection ATL
6:30am On Time
4692 Delta Connection DTW
7:00am On Time
4587 Delta Connection MSP
7:50am On Time
5553 Delta Connection ATL
8:15am On Time
4756 Delta Connection DTW
8:23am On Time
6171 United Express ORD
Chicago OHare
10:00am On Time
4040 Delta Connection DTW
10:20am On Time



Wednesday, February 1, 2012


SOUTH BEND, Ind — The St. Joseph County Airport Authority will save approximately $1 million over time due to the refinancing of more than $10 million in bonds. Originally issued in 2002 to finance a runway extension and road relocation at South Bend Airport, the bonds previously had an interest rate just over 5 percent. The interest rate to refinance the outstanding $10,750,000 this week is less than 2.9 percent.

The refinancing was accomplished with the help of the Airport Authority’s financial advisor, H. J. Umbaugh & Associates. “The lower interest rate is a reflection of the bond market’s view of the St. Joseph County Airport Authority’s financial and management strength,” said John Julien, a partner with Umbaugh. Revenues from air passenger traffic are used to make the bond payments; local property taxes serve as a back-up if bond obligations are unable to be covered by airport revenues alone. “Air traffic has decreased in recent years due to the economic slow down,” said John Schalliol, Airport Authority Executive Director. “The savings from the refinancing will allow the total bond payment to comfortably fit with the revenues generated by the current level of air passenger traffic.” “By keeping the annual bond payments within the means of revenues generated through passenger traffic, the Airport Authority avoids placing an obligation on local property owners,” said Julien.

“We are proud of the improvements that have been made to the South Bend Airport including our recent terminal expansion project,” said Schalliol. “The Airport has a $433 million annual economic impact on the community, so it is vital that our facilities support the needs of the business community as well as leisure travelers.”


John Schalliol

Executive Director
Phone: 574-233-2185 x 224


About the South Bend Airport

South Bend Airport’s three air carriers provide nonstop flights to nine cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Fort Myers/Punta Gorda, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando/Sanford, Phoenix/Mesa, and Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg with connections world-wide. South Bend Airport’s multi-modal terminal serves over one million air, rail and bus passengers each year. According to the 2012 Economic Impact Report from the Aviation Authority of Indiana, the South Bend Airport's total annual economic impact on South Bend and surrounding communities was in excess of $1.7 billion.

For additional information, please refer to www.flySBN.com or get social with SBN on Facebook (www.facebook.com/FlySBN) and Twitter (@SBNairport) and stay informed about the airport and the carriers that serve the Michiana region.